CTO Denis Pastory Rubanga

Mar 14, 2021 7:28 PM

CTO Denis Pastory Rubanga


Dr. Denis Pastory Rubanga, Ph.D.Dr. Denis joined our company as Machine Learning engineer before resuming the role of CTO.

Prior to joining our company, he has developed and managed development projects targeting low-resource communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and Japan.
Denis has used his vast experience as data scientist consultant for several companies in Japan such as NRI, iNet.

He has led collaborative research projects between universities in Japan and Tanzania and he is active in mentoring and facilitating aspiring data scientists in African via mentoring in African Data science communities.

Denis graduated from Tokyo University of University in Japan where he currently serves as A.I. Engineer to a collaborative International project between Japan and Djibouti.

PhD MSc research at Tokyo University of Agriculture

Developed and oversaw an international research Project awarded by Network of Excellence in Artificial • Intelligence for Development (AI4D) in sub-Sahara Africa collaborating with 2 universities. Undertook experimental and analytical research into wireless sensor networks ( sensor data analytics), Data Science, Computer Vision. Well-evidenced research management skills, undertaking several independent research consultants as well as helping graduate students in their statistical analysis tasks. Project management and Leadership Led a multi-disciplinary team to conceive and execute research projects that led to 3+ publications, 10+ conference presentations, and USD 70,000 in grant funding. Provided expertise and lead two collaborative research projects with 2 universities that led to 4 publications.

Ministry RALG Tanzania • Successfully developed, surveyed, designed and supervised irrigation projects summing up to USD 120,000. • Initiated and developed new irrigation programs to improve irrigation agriculture Disaster Recovery Coordinator • Post harvesting training on food storage to villages prone to hunger • River basin management training in the district